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Study of Product / Service Utilization

badanie produktu/ usługi

Studies of this type have a generic and exploratory character, providing most critical information on who, when and why purchases and consumes the given product or service.

When studying product utilization habits, the following information can be obtained among the others, covering:

  • Quantity of purchased products, volume of expenses incurred for the studied product within predefined time periods
  • Selected brands, types of products
  • Frequency with which products are purchased
  • Location where products are purchased
  • Ways of making purchases
  • Brands of purchased products
  • Purchase situations
  • Purchase motivations
  • Needs satisfied by the given product or service
  • Psychogeographic and demographic characteristic of consumers

Studying utilization patterns for a particular product or service and purchase motivations can be realized using qualitative or quantitative Internet studies (Internet surveys, group or individual interviews) or traditional studies (personal interviews, focus studies).

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