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Market Study

The aforementioned studies are applicable in evaluation of success probability and risk assessment for the given enterprise.

An entrepreneur, together with information about the market surrounding in which they plan to run their business activity, additionally obtains a profile of potential customers, generating the highest profits on the given market. A profile of such an isolated group will provide a chance to adapt the offer (a product or service, price list, forms of promotion, distribution channels) to needs and preferences of customers most valuable to the given company.

Therefore, our market studies aim at comprehensive analysis of the market and trends in terms of demand and supply for this particular market, which represents the basis for evaluation of the enterprise profitability. On the other hand, results from a customer study for the given market allows for reaching precisely the most valuable customers. The customer study aims therefore at discovering any potentially existing and currently undeveloped market niches.

The offer is therefore directed to people, planning:

  • To initiate their business activity
  • To introduce a new product or service to the market
  • To expand their business activity, entering to a new market or to companies, dealing primarily with:
  • Economic, financial and marketing counselling
  • Acquisition of funds from the European Community

A comprehensive MARKET STUDY included in our offer covers therefore:

  • Macro-environment study (among the others, in terms of economy, politics, legal regulations)
  • Micro-environment study (analysis of customers and suppliers)
  • Analysis of a competitive environment
  • Analysis of market opportunities and threats
  • Entry and exit barriers
  • Study of trends on the target market
  • Market size and quality research
  • Study of consumers on the target market – examination of consumer needs and preferences, examination of product utilization, purchase motivations
  • Consumer segmentation study

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