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Customer Satisfaction Study

The purpose of a customer satisfaction study is:

  • Identification of criteria playing a key role in evaluation of the product or service by individual customers
  • Evaluation of the way customers perceive the given product or service
  • Evaluation to what degree the given product or service meets customer expectations
  • Examination of the level of customer satisfaction from cooperation with the company
  • Comparison of levels of customer satisfaction from the examined product and competitive products
  • Comparison of primary factors influencing positively and negatively customer satisfaction level
  • Determination of customer expectations regarding product or service pricing
  • Determination of service elements most critical for our customers
  • Determination of the level of importance of individual factors influencing service evaluation

Customer satisfaction study can be realized using face-to-face method (personal interviews) or using Internet tools.

Internet customer satisfaction study can be realized by sending an e–mail with an invitation to participate in an Internet survey (if the given company is in possession of its customers’ e-mail addresses) or through recruiting respondents using the particular product (or service).

The methodology of the realized customer satisfaction studies is consistent with ISO 9001:2000 requirements.

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