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Consumer Testing

Consumer tests allow to verify how much of a success the given product, package, name or advertising campaign will be among the given group of consumers.

Consumer tests cover:

  • New or modified products poland polish
  • New of modified packaging
  • New name, new logo, new product concept
  • New advertising campaign

Such a study allows to evaluate the degree of acceptance and efficiency of the given concept among consumers and comparison of several concepts at the same time.

Consumer testing, depending on the selected element, may be carried out in several ways.

The most popular and simultaneously the lowest cost method is an Internet test. With the use of this particular test, it is possible to examine a new advertising campaign, logo, name and product / packaging concept. This method allows for exploitation of audiovisual elements.

The face-to-face method is more time consuming and simultaneously more expensive. Consumers can test products in test-halls (especially prepared halls located in the city centres) or their homes. Such tests allow consumers to perform an organoleptic evaluation of the given product. Such a method works fine primarily when testing new or modified products, in particular FMCG products.

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