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branch analyses

analizy branżowe

Branch analyses are ordered most often by investors planning to enter new markets.

Branch analyses are prepared based on ‘desk study’ and depending on the goal and subject-matter of the study are additionally expanded with telephone interviews, extended interviews (personal or via Internet communicators), expert interviews.

Studies of this type utilize available statistical data, analyses and branch reports, financial reports, reports for shareholders published by companies from the given branch etc.

Typically, a report from this type of study contains:

  • General characteristic of the given branch
  • Legal regulations
  • Size, quantity and dynamics on the given market
  • Market trends, most important current events influencing situation in the given branch
  • Analysis of distribution channels
  • Structure of sale teams, sale procedures
  • Primary players on the market – characteristics, sale dynamics, expansion plans
  • Suppliers and recipients – characteristics, sale volumes, contact data (telephone, e-mail, name and surname of a key decision person)

We do analysis of B2B and B2C markets. Until now, to meet requirements of our Customers, we have carried out analyses covering the following branches and their segments: poland polish

  • Power industry
  • Civil construction industry
  • Pharmaceutics industry
  • FMCG branch
  • Consulting branch
  • IT branch

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